Who are we?

Partner Elite has been partnering with entrepreneurs since 2000.

We are not venture capitalists. We are not private equity. We are not investors. We don’t really fit any of these categories . . . We are something in between.

We see ourselves as partners who support the businesses we invest in to achieve scale and profitability. With a dynamic team of over 130 people behind us, we offer the best possible support in helping entrepreneurs to achieve success and scale.

What makes us different?

Personal Investment
Long-term Vision
Strong Relationships
Partner Integration
We don’t manage investment funds that belong to other people or institutions which means that every investment we make is very personal to us. We have no required exit strategy when it comes to our partners so we think long term, and we build businesses with partners who have a compelling long-term vision.

We’ve been accused of being a little old fashioned because of our strong personal relationships with all our partners . . . We don’t only share in their business successes and challenges but also in their life events – like our partners’ weddings, the births of their children, deaths in their families and even second marriages. Relationships are important to us.

We work very hard and are very successful at integrating all our partners with one another in terms of business opportunities and sharing access to one another’s markets. To date, our portfolio of companies has opened up markets to one another to the value of over R500 million. Many investment companies talk about this but Partner Elite actually gets it right.

Who are we looking for?

The entrepreneur

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to grow? Who, in fact, needs to grow? Are you prepared to do the work it takes to grow? Do you enjoy challenges and solving problems? Are you driven to achieve your dreams? Are you flexible in how you get there but resolute about getting there? Are you a leader, sometimes untraditional, with the courage to take the path less travelled? Are you unperturbed by the criticism that comes with not following the trend, and do you love coming to work every day? Then you are our ideal partner.

The business

Partner Elite invests in businesses in the following areas:

  • Businesses whose clients are small businesses
  • EdTech
  • Digital media & marketing
  • SHEQ
  • Payroll
  • Cloud solutions
  • Lead generation
  • Short-term insurance brokers
  • Digital vouchers

Our partners & brands

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