Raizcorp division partners with Bumba Tech

Raizcorp division partners with Bumba Tech

Partner Elite, a division of leading business incubator Raizcorp, has entered into an exciting partnership with Bumba Tech, a business-to-business ICT service provider that offers cloud solutions, VoiP telephone systems, ICT managed services, ICT business analysis, cyber-security solutions, and hardware and software solutions. Significantly, this is the second time that Partner Elite is investing in a former graduate of a Raizcorp incubation programme (CEO Bongani Mkhwebane graduated from a three-year, high-touch enterprise-development programme in July 2019).

Says Raizcorp CEO Allon Raiz, “Partner Elite backs entrepreneurs who are driven and willing to put in the work needed to scale their businesses. As a former Raizcorp graduate, we know Bongani’s track record and his appetite for growth. It is clear that he is building a massively successful business. Our role will be to unlock the big strategic enablers to help scale the business through our expertise and networks.”

He goes on to say, “Bumba Techn strategically aligns with our Partner Elite focus on businesses whose clients are other businesses. For some time, we have been searching for an ICT business to add to the portfolio that assists entrepreneurial businesses to move to the cloud. Bumba Tech fits the bill perfectly.”

Bumba Tech CEO and founder, Bongani Mkhwebane remarks, “During my time at Raizcorp, the greatest value came from the strong and continuous business support that I received. It is a type of encompassing support that taught me how to grow my business, like a board of advisors off whom I could bounce ideas, who would ensure that I took accountability for my business, and who supported me as I endured the challenges that I faced.”

He continues, “Having first-hand experience of what Raizcorp has to offer, I know that this partnership will hold real value for my business. Partner Elite is not just a typical investor. They will help me scale the business while respecting my turf, and they are deeply committed to my success. I am looking forward to working with Allon and his team to take Bumba Tech to the next level.”