Partner Elite announces partnership with EazyAds

Partner Elite announces partnership with EazyAds

Partner Elite, a division of Raizcorp, recently invested an undisclosed, but substantial amount, in EazyAds  – a first-of-its-kind proprietary tracking technology system paired with a modern, mobile outdoor advertising platform.

Founded by Ruan Cillié, EazyAds is set to dominate the South African advertising space with its unique software. Cillié says, “In the traditional outdoor media environment, a brand puts up a billboard but there is no real tracking to gauge how effective it is. While they have made strides in this area over the last year or so, the numbers are based on historical traffic data and surveys – there is no real accountability. This is the problem that EazyAds wants to solve.” With rideshare drivers serving over 80% of South Africa’s urban population, EazyAds’s software provides a solid, measurable advertising solution.

His exclusive Driver APP enables qualifying rideshare drivers to become paid brand ambassadors by turning their cars into tracked, moving billboards. This software enables advertisers to reach their target audience in a fresh new way. By generating real-time exposure metrics like mileage, heatmaps and average impressions, brands are empowered to see how effectively their ad spend is being used.

On entering the partnership, Raiz says, “EazyAds is an innovative solution that solves a problem we are seeing in the advertising and marketing space. It has just signed a major deal with Betway and, because it is backed by an incredible entrepreneur, this partnership was a no-brainer.”

Cillié says of the partnership, “I haven’t been part of the Partner Elite family for long but I can already feel what a breeding-ground it is for successful entrepreneurs. The support is amazing – they have really honed their offering. To be surrounded by all these strategic minds that have your business’s best interests at heart is truly phenomenal.  My target is to become the largest and leading rideshare advertising agency in South Africa. With Partner Elite, this is less of a dream and more of an eventuality.”